Rob Urgert and Joep van Deudekom

Joep van Deudekom and Rob Urgert

We are Rob & Joep

Rob Urgert en Joep van Deudekom

Dutch television creators and presenters

Rob obtained his PhD in 1997 at the Agricultural University of Wageningen

Rob Urgert

Rob Urgert is not only a comedian but also a PhD.

He has combined these disciplines in the book Crash Course Humor, and in the interactive and humorous talk entitled How do I get a brilliant idea in 30 minutes?, in which Rob gives his vision of creative thinking.

Joep during a performance with NUHR in 1992

Joep van Deudekom

Joep van Deudekom started as a gym teacher, then became a lawyer and then became a comedian at NUHR (with Peter Heerschop and Viggo Waas).

He was also a presenter at Discovery Channel and wrote several books. In addition to the events with Rob, he can also be hired as a day chairman