Je kent me toch schat?
(Honey, you know me)

Feelgood game show by Rob and Joep about love and relationships

Eight happy couples are set to live in a romantic location for a week. Each day they play unique en hilarious games to test just how well they know each other. Can you predict how your partner responses? Each week one of the couples is eliminated. The two remaining couples play the final episode of this warm-hearted show. Honey, you know me is a format of Rob & Joep Productions and Posvideo, and was broadcasted in 2019 on RTL4. Distribution by All3Media.

This show, created by Rob Urgert and Joep van Deudekom, was hosted by Robert ten Brink and Vivienne van den Assem

Vivienne van den Assem and Robert ten Brink

Ordingen Castle as the backdrop for the recordings

A cook in the cap?

How well do you know your partner?