The Institute

This scientific comic series was sold to Netflix (100 humans), among others

In 2016 and 2017, Rob Urgert en Joep van Deudekom locked up 100 people – representing the Dutch population – in a former army barrack. For a whole week, they carried out scientific experiments on them. Every episode one burning question was answered. How racist are we? Are old people still of value? Whats the best way to eat a typical Dutch pastry (Tom Poes)? In each series, over 40 experiments were conducted. The Institute is a format of Rob & Joep Productions and Blazhoffski/Warner and has been sold to Denmark (2018), Canada (2018 – 2020) and USA Netflix (2020 – titled: 100 Humans). 

  • TV Image Best New Format 2016 (nominee)
  • Best New Format of Europa 2017, EBU Berlin (winner)
  • Format sold to Canada, Denmark and USA


Trailer Le Gros Laboratoire (Canadian version)

Rob en Joep presenting: The Institute

100 test subjects are locked up for a week to undergo all kinds of scientific tests

In a beautiful location

The test subjects undergo the weirdest tests. Everything for science

Sumo wrestling also contains scientific elements

Whats the best way to eat a typical Dutch pastry (Tom Poes)?

All under the watchful eye of two comic scientists

And sold to Netflix! That may be celebrated