Rob & Joep TV productions

The Opposites

In The Opposites, two groups of people are compared by comedians Rob and Joep – Rob Urgert and Joep van Deudekom. To gain a better understanding of how these groups differ and what they have in common. In every episode, two new groups are studied.

Funny popular science.


The Quiz

Between 2011 and 2018, De Kwis was a constant value on prime time Saturdaynight. Rob Urgert and Joep van Deudekom – together with comedians Van der Laan & Woe – challenged a guest weekly in a satirical quiz on the news of the past week. Host Paul de Leeuw received the guest.

Humorous, musical, satirical Quiz, led by Paul de Leeuw


The Hour of Truth

24 hours without sleep, 12 candidates, 12 questions and 12.000 euro to win. Who will stay sharp? Who will keep their eyes open? A heavy battle against each other and your self. The Hour of Truth is a format of Rob & Joep Productions and Posvideo, and was broadcasted in 2018 on NPO1 (BNNVARA).

A thunderous studio quiz by Rob and Joep with a lot of sleep deprivation


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